Childproofing · Living Room

Fireplace and childproofing

As a makeshift childproofing¬†solution, I pinned the metal screen against the fireplace with two moving boxes. This didn’t seem like a good long-term solution. Being a practical person who was born and raised in California, I never cared much for fireplaces. My parents have one in their house and we never used it. Not once.… Continue reading Fireplace and childproofing

Childproofing · Heating and Cooling

Gravity heaters and childproofing

Childproofing our home is turning out to be a constant ongoing project of its own. The first week that we moved in, Miles discovered that he loved opening and closing the bedroom doors. Really cute, until he slammed his fingers in the door. I realized we never had this problem in our old apartment because… Continue reading Gravity heaters and childproofing