DIY kitchen shelves: part 2

Well, this project took waaaaay longer than I expected, even with these great prefab shelves purchased from Ikea. After I made my first cuts, I realized I mixed up the two pieces, which lead to a major trickle-down effect that took much more time and labor to correct. By the time I finally brought the shelves home I faced a much bigger issue: plaster walls. All that pre-planning I did trying to customize my shelf brackets to my wall studs was an exercise in futility because nothing lined up at all. Thanks a lot, good-for-nothing-expensive stud finder! I managed to put up the first shelf using drywall anchor screws, but once I tried to put up the second shelf, my drill couldn’t break through the wall. I suspect I was hitting masonry or some metal casing.

I needed to go back to the drawing board and the easiest thing to do at this point was configure the shelves to sit on the same wall, one on top of the other. Fortunately, I have friends who live nearby and have a circular saw, so they helped me lop off the miter cuts on my shelves. There’s about a 3-inch difference in length but it’s not so noticeable once hung on the wall. It’s pretty insane that after all that trouble, I could have saved myself time but just cutting the shelves to length, but I guess that’s just part of the process.

So glad to be done with this one.



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