The importance of bathroom walls

I fell in love with this house the first time I saw it in person. I rushed home and showed my mom the listing pictures and the first thing she said was that the bathroom looked “old.” Well, I considered it vintage and charming, but I knew it would look infinitely better without the mauve paneling all along the walls. I thought this would another simple job. Just remove the panels, smooth out the walls, paint it over! Bing bang boom!

Nope. Not a chance. Ya know why? Because it’s called owning a home. Nothing is ever easy! When we removed the paneling, you know what we found? NO WALL! (Sidenote: If you want to learn a little something about the history of wainscoting, check out this interesting article.) We had to put up new drywall, and by “we” I really mean Alfredo, our fantastic contractor. Look how amazing it looks now!


Sadly, removing the paneling also meant removing the charming coil heater, but them’s the breaks.

Next step: I’ve been eyeing these DIY floating shelves. Don’t you think they’d look great above the toilet in this little alcove?


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